Office Hours: Tuesdays from 4:30PM-6:30PM in Mac’s Cafe (on the left) from 9/11 until 12/11.
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- Community: Reconnect with the critical friend groupings you were put into in class on 8/29/2018. Connect with them on Zoom. Make sure to record your full class recording and invite both and Once you are all on Zoom, review the VLOG 1 assignment on Blackboard. Write down any questions and email them to and cc If you have no questions--note that you have no questions in the email.

- Active-Learning: In preparation for Monday, September 10's class (when we will visit mannUfactory, I would like you to understand makerspaces and the variety of resources that are available online to help you think about innovation and design thinking.  Please review the video on design thinking at, the IDEO website at, the D school at Stanford's website at, and the mannUfactory website at

- Reflect: Discuss what resources could be most useful to you approach VLOG 1 and then create a three minute Vlog as a group and upload it to Blackboard.

For Monday, September 10, 2018--we will meet in Statler 391 and walk together to mannUfactory.

Wednesday, august 30, 2018 Video conferencing activity (Zoom for perspective)

- Community: Exchange contact information with the person you are working with so you can keep in touch to support each other (email/phone). Review what level of experience you have with using video conferencing tools (which ones, how often, what functionality, etc...). Which video conferencing tools are currently on your mobile phones? Which do you use regularly, why?

- Reflect: Review the tools available for Cornellians at What tools are familiar to you? Which ones have you used before? Ensure you can access the Learning Management System that Cornell uses (Blackboard).

- Reflect: Watch the Zoom Meetings video in the videos section and explore the Zoom website at What is the price point? What value does Zoom provide for entrepreneurs?

- Active-Learning: Download the Zoom App or access Zoom from Hold a test call and explore the functionality. What  are the features? What do you like about the features?

- Reflect: Review the pitching articles in the resources section. What is important to you when you work on pitching?

- Active-Learning: Complete a Vlog (video blog) together in under two-minutes that addresses the following questions and upload it to the Learning Management System by the end of class. A) What are your experiences with video conferencing previously? B) What functionalities do you think are most important for a small business? C) What budget do you think is appropriate for a small business under five employees for video conferencing? Why? D) What are the main advantages of Zoom over Google Hangouts?


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