Sample Work from HADM 3135/6135: Conversations with Entrepreneurs

Joaquin Valle Pinto

Shane Ramsey

Sample Work from HADM 4180/6180: Technology for Bootstrapped Entrepreneurship

Ghali Gorio Portfolio

Alexander Flynn Portfolio

Arun Yagnamurthy Portfolio

Sample Work from AEM 4940: Secrets of Business Success Summer College

Melissa Kelley Portfolio

Nico Wells Portfolio

Cyrus Smith Portfolio

Amanda Samuels Portfolio

Dhilan Patel Portfolio

Sample Work from HADM 4125/6125: Foundations of Social Entrepreneurship

Jenny Asher Portfolio

Samantha Kirsch Portfolio

Jari Watson Portfolio

Blogs and Resources for Inspiration

AEM 4940 Summer 2018 Second Wind Cottages Interview WHCU Radio

AEM 4940 Summer 2018 YMCA of Ithaca and Tompkins County Interview WHCU Radio