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 Yogibana incorporates active-learning, reflection, and community.

Stand up, shake out your shoulders, and put your arms out.
— How present are you?

Networking in hospitality (similar to a Yogibana class) requires us to look backward, look forward, and then become fully present.

Let’s start by looking backward. How many of you have a CV with you today? A business card? Swap with the person next to you? What do you think is necessary for a solid CV?
— Always be ready to engage.
Let’s look forward. Can you identify three people who have the jobs that you would want in life? Where could you network with these people?
— Track journeys to see how to benchmark.
In light of what experiences you have and where you want to go, can you answer the following four questions? Why, why you, why not, why now?
— Four questions pitch for the present.
Design circles that represent the areas of expertise you will need to obtain that dream job. Who do you know in each area who could help? How could you network in each area?
— Strategic planning for dream in progress development.
LinkedIn is a tool that can help you build your network in the hospitality and your personal brand.
— 'Build your brand' using tools.

Meet five new people each week to build your networking skills.

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Build a mechanism for gratitude as you network.
— 'Thank you' your way forward.

Prepare to make a difference on the journey. Pack well.

Remember to look backward, look forward, and then be fully present. What is one action item you can take after this workshop?
— Call to action for engagement.

Keep in touch.