Class Office Hours are on Tuesdays from 10AM to 1PM in Statler Lounge. Stop by with questions about class or help on assignments.
— Jennie Blumenfeld, Lead TA
What is the favorite international spot you have visited? Why? Are there any brands that stand out from that country? Which ones? Do you know anything about the founder(s) or why the company was started?
— Connection Prompt
Work on Zoom with your critical friend partner to learn the tools and complete the class assignment. Review your resume ‘as is’ and identify global entrepreneurship components on your resume with your critical friend partner. Pick a flag out of the bin. Research information on this country on the GEM and GEDI. What did you learn? What is the state of entrepreneurship based on your research? Compile your work into a two minute video blog (vlog) and email it to by the start of the next class.
— Active Learning and Reflection Prompt

After reviewing both The World Institute of Slowness Website and the WSJ article—what do you think of a slow morning? What perceptions of time do you have in the country you selected—pacing, etc...
— Active Learning and Reflection Prompt

Do you identify as a global citizen? What experiences have led you to believe this? Is being a global citizen important in the recruitment process for a company?
— Active Learning and Reflection Prompt

What was your experience like at the Voss Water Tasting? What app did you use to create the comp set and why? Review the Water Menu with a peer—what is one insight you have from reviewing the Water Menu?
— Reflection Prompt to Build Community

Connect with someone new. What value did you take from the UN session?
— Reflection Prompt to Build Community

Turn to someone next to you. What feedback do you have on the guest lecture with Steve Thomson?
— Connection Prompt to Build Community
Option for last class planning—what suits your needs and interests?
— Reflection Prompt