Class office hours are from 1:30PM to 3:30PM at Statler Lounge on Mondays. Stop by with questions about class or help on assignments.
— Brianna Douglas, Lead TA
Social entrepreurship has many expressions. Olsen
What breaks your heart in the world today?
— Connection Prompt
Gallup Headquarters Photo
Work on Zoom with your critical friend partner to learn the tools and complete the class assignment. Review your resumes as is and identify social entrepreneurship components. Identify one topic that ‘breaks your heart’ in society. What are three ventures currently running that are looking to address this topic? What are their models? Find one hospitality venture addressing this space and contact information for one Cornellian in the company (either through the alumni database/LinkedIn/etc...). What information can you find on Foundation Center (Grant Space)? Compile your work into a two minute video blog (vlog) and email it to by the beginning of next class.
— Active Learning and Reflection Prompt

Think about Sprout Pencils. How could this be used in alignment with the cause that ‘breaks your heart’? What benefits do you see in Sprout Pencils? What are competitors that you can find?
— Active Learning and Reflection Prompt

How does the Bombas model work? What other models do you know that are similar to how Bombas works?
— Active Learning and Reflection Prompt
You and your peers have started a new consulting venture and will be working to obtain your first client. Review the Gallup BP10 results of your team in addition to the experiences on your resumes. What makes you a strong team—how can you reflect your value as a team in your pitch? Then, brainstorm different ideas to pitch to Second Wind Cottages to help further their efforts in the Newfield community. Decide upon your best idea and come up with a pitch that is under 90 seconds to convince Second Wind Cottages that not only do you bring an idea that aligns with their values and addresses a challenge/opportunity that you perceive but that highlights why your consulting venture is the best choice for partnering in Spring 2019. Make sure to name your team. Leverage the Gallup BP10 Team Diagram and Idea Napkin for your work. Upload your pitch to Blackboard by the start of class on Tuesday.
— Active Learning Prompt to Build Community

Sit with your teams and form some sticky connections! What is one thing you want to walk away with from this course?
— Community Building and Reflection Prompt
Review the three vlogs and take notes in your folder. What was one thing that was done well? What could be improved? What do you remember from the vlog?
— Reflection Prompt
Work in your groups for 15 minutes. Think about a one for one campaign that you can come up with that aligns with your original idea/framing. Review the Smile Squared and Warby Parker models. Use the Big Idea Sketch Pad to come up with a TWO minute pitch that you will present in class live. Why should your team be picked (Gallup BP10 work) and what makes your idea the best one for Second Wind Cottages? We will be doing an interruption presentation in class. You have been given a role to play for the live presentations. Play the role to the best of your ability based on what is indicated on the card. Reflect on how you feel playing the role and what you see happening in class with both presenters and your peers.
— Active Leaning Prompt and Reflection

What was your experience like in the interruption presentation? What did you learn about yourself? How did it make you feel? How can you apply this to your journey?
— Reflection and Community Building Prompt
Work in your teams to research Cornell Health, Body Positive Cornell, and MannUFactory. Use The Really Big Idea Sketchpad. What other information will you need to be able to create a sustainable idea that will improve Body Positive Cornell’s operations/outreach?
— Active Learning and Reflection Prompt

Meet with a member from another team and discuss what your biggest two questions are at this point about Body Positive Cornell? What is your experience level with a makerspace? Where are you in the process of completing Vlog 1?
— Reflection Prompt to Build Community
Swap your Really Big Idea Sketchpads with another team. Review the work you have received. Critique it accordingly—include questions that are unclear. Then, determine who will lead up Cornell Blog posting for your submission site, who will lead the Tinkercad iteration process, and who will lead the Cavanizer work.
— Community Building Prompt

Body Positive Cornell/mannUfactory Challenge: As a team, identify a solution that can be implemented by Body Positive Cornell by leveraging the resources at mannUfactory. Create a Canvanizer ‘Business Model Canvas’ and a subsequent deliverable at mannUfactory that highlights three rounds of innovation. Post your final solution on a Cornell Blog site that includes your Tinkercad, Canvanizer, and other work related to the project. Be prepared to present as a team to Cornell Health by March 7.
— Active Learning Prompt

NEW RFP: Grants of up to $100 for use at mannUfactory will be awarded to teams in supporting the Body Positive Cornell project for Spring 2019. Submissions due by February 28, 2019 at 9AM to Maximum 2 pages (single spaced) and should include:

Budget and Justification *What will the money be used for? Why?

Timeline *When will it be used by?

Quality of proposal (1 low < 5 high)

Confidence in Design (1<5) of Proposal

Confidence in Functionality (1<5) of Idea

Confident in the Team (1<5)

Excitement About the Project

References (1-2 per team) *Provide email addresses.

Homework for Discussion on March 5, 2019:

  1. Review the Introduction to OCHA:

  2. Review the World Humanitarian Data and Trends 2018, figure 2 ‘Humanitarian needs’; figure 8 ‘Protracted crises’; figure 10 ‘Protection of health-care facilities’. *Reports can be accessed through Navigate to “resources at the bottom of the page” and then you will be able to select “Read the report” for the 2018 edition, and “Past reports” for the 2016 edition

  3. Review the World Humanitarian Data and Trends 2016, figure 8 ‘A country in need’. *Report can be accessed through Navigate to “resources at the bottom of the page” and then you will be able to select “Read the report” for the 2018 edition, and “Past reports” for the 2016 edition

  4. Ensure you have a headset with microphone and Zoom setup on your computer. Do a Zoom test prior to the start of the class period on Tuesday, March 5, 2019 at

  5. Follow Blackboard updates for specific Zoom details for the Tuesday, March 5, 2019 session with the UN.

  6. Review the biography provided in class in preparation for the Tuesday, March 5, 2019 Zoom class with the UN.