Class Office Hours are on Tuesdays from 10AM to 1PM in Statler Lounge with Jennie Blumenfeld. Stop by with questions about class or help on assignments.
— Lead TA Team
Meet someone new. Introduce yourself. Where do you consider home? What type of entrepreneurship have you seen at ‘home’?
— Reflection Prompt that Drives Connection
Swap resumes with someone new. Put on your entrepreneur hat. Provide a minimum of five elements of feedback—what is done well? What could be improved? What is entrepreneurial about the resume? Why?
— Active Learning that Drives Connection
Create something that you can sell to the current class out of the resources provided. Use the Idea Napkin to come up with a pitch to present to the class.
— Active Learning Prompt
What is one item of value are walking away with as we start the semester?
— Reflection Prompt that Builds Community
Let’s capture the moment before we make a difference this week.
— Community Building
Statler Hall 398
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