Lately, I have been getting questions on time management. I believe that time is the great equalizer. Anyone who has taken one of my classes knows that I stress the importance of using our 86,400 each day (number of seconds in a day) as best we can in alignment with our future goals and current commitments.

Some of the tools and resources that have informed my view on time management are below. I hope they can be helpful.

Book: Eat that Frog! by Brian Tracy *This book comes to mind every morning when I organize my tasks for the day. Some other books that are suggested from Entrepreneur Magazine can be found here:

Tool: Smartsheet *I use this for task management for projects and managing a portion of my calendar for appointments.

App: Stay Focused *I use this to manage my usage of certain apps during the day—to ensure I am not taking time away from my long-term goals (Dream in Progress).

Articles: Time Management by HBR *I appreciate these posts for perspective on a variety of elements of time management from email management to work tasks prioritization.

Tool: Amazon Alexa *I use this to track tasks, keep lists for different projects and errands, and to set reminders for myself.

Tool: Google Home Mini *I use this to sync to my Google calendar. I routinely block off time to put tasks on the calendar that I love to do and do not like to do (this ensure I am accountable).

Tool: Google Calendar *I use Google calendar to manage my calendar each week.

Exercise: Goals Mapping and Vision Board *Each month, I write out goals according to my wheel of life diagram (which has my six core areas of focus in my life). I routinely look at this list and when I do have extra time, I try to tackle the items on this list. Each core area has approximately four to eight target items on it and yes, relaxing is one of them :)