Turn to the person next to you. Exchange contact information. This person will serve as your critical friend. Then discuss, what is the best meeting you have ever been to? Why? Be ready to share with the class.
— Relection Prompt to Build Community
Create your first origami cup to fill for MICE as a class. Brainstorm the type of event that this cup design could be used at? Why does this cup fit the meeting design/style? Be ready to pitch your idea as pair.
— Active Learning to Build Community
Pitch your idea as a pair to another pair in the classroom. Then switch. Which is the ‘winning idea’? Why? Create a discussion post online.
— Community Building Prompt
Look on Canvas and get into your groups (group 1 to 6). Identify a team leader. Create a contact list with group expectations on Canvas (on your group space—should be posted as an announcement in your group). Then, review the cups on your team. Determine the ‘winning’ cup and come up with a 60 second pitch that you will present to class.
— Active Learning to Build Community

Turn to the person next to you. What is a stakeholder? Who are the stakeholders in this classroom?
— Reflection Prompt to Building Community
Checking in to set expectations.
— Active Learning Prompt using the Technology

What do you think of the following related to the Fyre Festival: ‘Uber of Event Planning’ Initial Idea, Confusion versus Excitement, Experience (Background of Billy), Filming Everything Pros/Cons, Paying for Press, Social Influencer Campaign (what responsibility do they have), RFID bands for a cashless system, Customer Service (who handles, implications of deleting), Solving versus Enabling.”
— Fyre Festival is the ultimate case study for teaching failure.
Work in pairs within your group. Complete the discussion prompt on Event Marketing Tools on Canvas.
— Reflection Prompt to Build Community
Turn to the person next to you. Swap CVs and reference lists. Provide two ares that can be improved (suggestions) and two areas that are strong on the CV. Provide similar feedback on the reference list—what can be improved? What is strong?
— Community Building Prompt
What is your dream in progress? How does this class help you get there?
— Community Building Prompt
Setting classroom norms sets us up for success.
— Professor Olsen Keys to Classroom Management

Inemuri is a Japanese term meaning ‘sleeping while present’. What does inemuri mean to you? What role do conferences plan in sleep? Should naps be allowed at conferences?
— Refleciton Prompt to Build Community
Work with the person next to you. Research Sushi Maki online and also triangulate Abe. What did you learn? What type of events do they do? What do you know about Abe’s background?
— Refleciton Prompt
Start planning your home exam. You have one month to put a quality written exam submission together.
— Home Exam Posted on Inspera
Break into your groups and address the questions on the HEC case on Canvas.
— Active Learning Prompt to Build Community
Tableau Facilitation.

Tableau Facilitation.

How can we leverage Tableau in the MICE space? Discuss with the person next to you and brainstorm some ideas.
— Actively Learning Prompt
Gratitude is a requirement for those in the MICE space. Write a thank you note for Linn Elise Gulliksen for her presentation last week on Tableau.
— Gratitude for our ecosystem.
Chief Sushi Office, Abe Ng, is with us in class today.

Chief Sushi Office, Abe Ng, is with us in class today.

Capture the moment with Abe.
— Guest Speaker Photo 2019
Write a thank you note for Abe Ng for his presentation.
— Reflection Prompt to Build Community
You have had one week to work on your Home Exam. Let’s review some sample Appendices, Inspera, and then review questions you have.
— Setup for Success
Work with the person next to you. Write one SMARTER goal for your Home Exam.
— Active Learning Prompt
How can we make a difference?

How can we make a difference?

What value did you take from today’s class that you can take forward?
— Reflection Prompt
Homework for October 4th is posted on Canvas.
— Stay ahead of the curve!