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Active Learning Prompt

Pass the clap!
— Community Building Prompt
Turn to your neighbor and discuss your takeaways from the kick-off event.
— Community Prompt
Work with the person next to you. Review the Course Manual for the class online. Do you have any questions?
— Reflection Prompt
We have the opportunity to set classroom norms.
— Community Building
Turn to another neighbor, exchange contact information and establish yourself as critical friends for the course. Then, discuss your best experiences that you have had in a hotel.
— Active Learning Prompt

Provide feedback on the resume/CV you had been provide. What are three things that are strong/why? What are three things to improve/why?
— Active Learning Prompt
Work in your groups. Come up with a contact list for your team and a new team name that is inspired by the pineapple. Also, indicate who the leader is for your team. In the same document, review the links provided for associations. Create a table that lists the benefits of membership for each. Then find two other associations that you would like to research related to hospitality (complete a Google search). Out of the seven resources you have reviewed, which offer student memberships? How can you follow-up for more information on each (is there specific contact information)? Post your work under your group on Canvas.
— Active Learning Prompt
How well did you prepare for class?
— Reflection Prompt

Get into your groups (10 of them). Exchange contact information. Identify a team leader. Create a team name. Then, come up with your Top 10 Tips for success in a university classroom. Post on Canvas when you are finished (under Collaborations—add a page with your team number/name/leader).
— Reflection Activity

Turn to a person near you and discuss trends in hospitality. Which are you most interested in following and why?
— Reflection Prompt to Build Community
Ensuring excellence in learning by measurement and commitment.
— Reflection Prompt
What is your definition of service? Post your Tweet (280 characters or less) that reflects your definition of good service under the Discussion Prompt.
— Reflection Prompt
Thank you to Professor Haavard Hansen.
— Gratitude Prompt to Build Community
Chapter 2 and 3 of the textbook cover a variety of concepts. Creating a study guide for yourself is a best practice.
— Lessons from Professor Olsen
Discuss your class leader. You have 15 minutes to decide.
— Community Building Prompt

Stand up and introduce yourself to the person next to you. What did you learn about Leading Hotels of the World from your homework assignment? What trends do you think they have to be aware of in hospitality?
— Reflection Prompt to Build Community
Preparation leads to success. “The Thursday Test” begins momentarily.
— Preparation for New Technology
Triangulate to inform your conversation. What tools can you use to triangulate someone effectively for a guest lecture?
— Networking Prompt for Success
Start planning your written exam with your group. You have one month to put a quality written exam submission together.
— The Written Exam is on Inspera
What are the keys to looking at a case study like Innovation at Leading Hotels of the World by Ivey?
— Active Learning Prompt for Case Study Methods

We are in the business of sleep. Inemuri is a Japanese term meaning ‘sleeping while present’. What does inemuri mean to you? What role do hotels plan in sleep?
— Reflection Prompt to Build Community
You have had one week to work on your Group Written Evaluation. What questions can I answer?
— Planning sets you up for success.
Start planning with your group for the Group Presentation. You have one month to put a quality presentation together.
— Presentation is Posted on Inspera
Turn to the person next to you. How do you follow-up on LinkedIn? Did you reach out to Brian ahead of time? Why or why not?
— Reflection Prompt to Build Community
Virtual Guest Lecture with Brian Simon.

Virtual Guest Lecture with Brian Simon.

Turn to the person next to you. What did you learn from the Guest Lecture with Brian Simon from The Hay Adams?
— Reflection Prompt to Build Community
We thank those that impact knowledge to us. Write a thank you note to Brian Simon.
— Hospitality Approach to Active Learning

Brian Simon from The Hay Adams stressed the tools that can be used for success. Work in your groups and review the seven links to the tools that Brian mentioned in our Power Hour Virtual Guest Lecture. What does each tool do? What can you learn about each?
— Active Learning Prompt to Build Community
Working towards both your October submissions is important. What questions can I answer?
— Preparation for Success Prompt
What attributes should be used to evaluate engagement of a hotel?
— Active Learning Prompt
Chapter 4 launched us into food and beverage. Chapters 5-8 continued with a focus on beverages, the restaurant business, restaurant management, and managed services.
— Let's review some main concepts.
Homework for October 3 is posted on Canvas.
— Stay ahead of the curve!
What value did you take from today’s class that you can take forward?
— Reflection Prompt

Capture the moment.
— Class Photo Fall 2019